Depth Chart


Sadler has been called a hater on more than one occasion.  He hates such things as Mad Men, Avatar, the New York Yankees, ESPN’s monopoly on sports news and guys who jog with their shirts off.

Born and raised an Alabama fan in Huntsville, AL  his fanhood reached its’ peak during the Fall of 2005 when he attended the infamous “Rocky Stop” game against Tennessee in Bryant Denny Stadium.  Since moving from Huntsville, Sadler has lived in Nashville, Lexington and currently resides in Cincinnati, with his wife and two crazy dogs.  While living in Cincinnati he has witnessed first hand just how pathetic Big 10 football is and wishes he could be in the presence of SEC fans again. . . . his heart is always in Dixie.


Born in Texas. Raised in Alabama. Fanatical football fan.

Darrin will argue over the most pointless topics as long as it has to do with football. His vast knowledge doesn’t end with college football but carries over into the much-debated topics of women, real estate, and spicy foods. He once made the all-tournament team, in HS, as a 5’10 post player and played his last game of high school football with a broken fibula…and its not the last bone he plans to break.

Challengers in Cornhole, Golden Tee, and Sneaky Snake are welcomed but should be prepared for the humiliation that will likely ensue.

His allegiance lies with the Arkansas Razorbacks, despite being a natural born Texan, and has been known to call the Hogs in almost any venue.


If you’re around Chris long enough, he will have you fully convinced that he knows more about college football than any three people you know.  Being a constant “student of the game”, you’ll find him trying to watch every televised game on a college football Saturday.  A constant competitor, Chris grew up playing just about every sport imaginable–even ice hockey.  His strong passion for Alabama football, and SEC football in general, came full circle when he attended the 1998 Iron Bowl, which was the last time the Tide met their hated rival in Birmingham.  You won’t be able to reach him on his cell on Saturdays in the fall, as there usually is not any reception in or around the stadium on game days.

Things Chris knows more about than you do:  football, baseball, basketball, poker, horse racing, hockey, and soccer (OK, maybe not soccer).

Things that make Chris literally sick just thinking about:  Auburn, the Miami Heat, any conference that has a number in its name, the color orange, Trooper Taylor, the Lakers, “reality” TV, and sports writers who don’t know anything about sports.

Toast (Jeff)

It was on the practice fields next to the hallowed grounds of Bill Washington Stadium that Jeff gained the nickname “Toast”.  During his senior year, it was a deep route against a freshman receiver during practice that Jeff was burnt so badly that the offensive line coach (of all coaches) rushed down the field, Gatorade cooler in hand, to “put Jeff out” because “HE’S ON FIRE!!!”.  He never shed the name.

He grew up an Alabama fan but loves all SEC football.


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