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Games of the Week: Week 7

Alright, I’m back this week with my games of the week.  I took a couple weeks off because A) I’m lazy and B) two weeks ago I knew that the Alabama/Florida game was the game of the week and I didn’t want to have to pick a score.  So, now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to this week’s best (and worst) SEC games.

Games of the Week

Florida at #24 Auburn

This game doesn’t have nearly the appeal that either fanbase would like for it to.  The Gators are coming off of two humiliating losses to Alabama and LSU.  Before those two games it appeared that Will Muschamp had them on the path back to success but after being outscored by a combined 79-21, it’s hard to really know what to make of the Gators.  The fact that they will start their third string QB in this one doesn’t help matters much.

Auburn finally lost a game to Clemson but appeared to have righted the ship with the upset of South Carolina.  Then Arkansas pulled a Toby Keith and put a boot where it didn’t belong last weekend.  Auburn is young and they will be good in the future but right now, they have serious quarterback issues and a porous defense.  If Florida’s speedy backs can get loose, they can win this game.  I don’t think they will, though.

Pick:  Florida 27  Auburn 34

#15 South Carolina at Mississippi State

If you don’t know what to make of this game, join the club.  On the one hand, South Carolina absolutely dismantled Kentucky last weekend with Connor Shaw at the helm and no longer has the distraction of Stephen Garcia hanging over the team.  On the other hand, it was Kentucky.

For some weird reason, I think that Mississippi State makes a statement in this game and Dan Mullen will get some of the haters off of his back.  The West is ridiculous this year and Mississippi State needs this win.  I think that the Bulldogs will pull the upset in Starkville.

Pick:  South Carolina 24  Mississippi State 27

Dry Games of the Week

#2 Alabama at Ole Miss

While typing the matchup, I almost put #2 Ole Miss.  Hahahahahahahahahahaha.  Yeah right.  As if this game wasn’t already probably going to be bad enough for the Black Bears, they suspended pretty much their best player (Brandon Bolden) and their starting center, and two other players whose names I don’t feel like looking up right now.

Note to Houston Nutt:  don’t pick a game where you are already drastically outmatched to take a stand on moral matters with some of your most important players.  Maybe wait a few weeks until the Kentucky game.

Pick:  Alabama 45  Ole Miss 3

Georgia at Vanderbilt

Look, I don’t like picking Vanderbilt most weeks as one of the worst games of the week.  I really don’t.  I think James Franklin has the ‘Dores on the right track and I felt that while they got blown out in Tuscaloosa last week, they actually looked pretty good on offense for a while before the Bama D buckled down and smothered them.  The fact is, though, that it was between this game and LSU at Tennessee for the final spot in the Dry Games this week.  And Vandy don’t got the Honeybadger to keep it interesting.

Even though I picked Georgia to cover the spread in our handicapping contest, it’s probably my least favorite pick I made this week.  I’ll stick with it for the sake of not being wishy-washy but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if A) Vandy made this a game or B) actually won it outright.

Pick:  Georgia 21  Vandy 9


Week 7 SEC Preview

11:21 AM CT – No. 15 South Carolina (5-1, 3-1 SEC) at Mississippi State (3-3, 0-3 SEC) – The “post Garcia” era begins for the Gamecocks as they travel to Starkville to take on the Bulldogs who are also dealing with QB issues.  Tyler Russell put on a solid performance and could start in place of Chris Relf.  South Carolina is now hoping Connor Shaw can come in and get them to the SEC Championship.  Expect a lot of carries for Lattimore early on.

2:30 PM CT – No. 1 LSU (6-0, 3-0 SEC) at Tennessee (3-2, 0-2 SEC)  – The LSU Tigers look to continue their dominance while the Volunteers will be playing without starting QB Tyler Bray, who is several weeks with a broken thumb.  The Vols will start senior QB Matt Simms against a defense that is only allowing 12.5 points per game and a secondary that features one of the SEC’s top players so far in Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu.  UT fans hope to get some karma from last year’s controversial loss to LSU – a game in which Simms started.

5:00 PM CT – No. 2 Alabama (6-0, 3-0 SEC) at Ole Miss (2-3, 0-2 SEC) – Alabama will head to Oxford to take on the struggling Rebels.  Getting first downs are going to be tough for the Rebs after losing several players this past week, including RB Brandon Bolden, for breaking “team rules”.  Alabama will try and take care of business, knowing that the “Big One” is right around the corner against LSU.

6:00 PM CT Florida (4-2, 2-2 SEC) at No. 24 Auburn (4-2, 2-1 SEC) – Should be an interesting game with true freshmen QB Jacoby Brissett starting for the Gators and freshmen Kiehl Frazier taking more and more reps at QB for Auburn.  Florida started the season “on fire” but were exposed against Bama and LSU the last two weeks.  Auburn was also dealt a tough loss, last week, against Arkansas.  Both will look to rebound and add a 5th win to the record.

6:00 PM CT Georgia (4-2, 3-1 SEC) at Vanderbilt – (3-2, 1-2 SEC) – Mark Richt, and the Dawgs, head to Nashville to take on Vanderbilt in what could be a trap game for Georgia.  Vandy has played well defensively against the run and will need to continue if they are going to stop Georgia RB Isaiah Crowell.  Georgia will try and continue its surprising run to the top of the East in hopes of getting to Atlanta.

SEC Week 6 Preview

11AM CT – Mississippi State (2-3, 0-3 SEC) -17.5 at UAB (0-4, 0-2 C-USA) +17.5  O/U 53

11:21AM CT – Kentucky (2-3, 0-2 SEC) +21 at No. 18 South Carolina (4-1, 2-1 SEC) -21  O/U 43

2:30PM CT – No. 17 Florida (4-1, 2-1 SEC) +13.5 at No. 1 LSU (5-0, 2-0 SEC) -13.5  O/U 41.5

6:00PM CT – Vanderbilt (3-1, 1-1 SEC) +28.5 at No. 2 Alabama (5-0, 2-0 SEC) -28.5  O/U 41

6:00PM CT – No. 15 Auburn (4-1, 2-0 SEC) +10 at No. 10 Arkansas (4-1, 0-1 SEC) -10  O/U 63.5

6:00PM CT – Georgia (3-2, 2-1 SEC) -2 at Tennessee (3-1, 0-1 SEC) +2  O/U 56.5

Get Your Officially Licensed NCAA Duct Tape.

Good news sports fans.  Next time you need to patch a tarp, put a taillight back together or jerry-rig anything at all, you can do it with duct tape with your official school logo.  It seems that Duck Brand knows the first rule of marketing, know your audience, as 10 of 12 SEC schools are represented (sorry MSU, Vandy).  Even, new possible probable SEC addition Texas A&M is represented.  The one that jumps out at me as odd is Wake Forest, why would Wake Forest sell more tape than MSU or Vandy?  I think duct tape is third behind only asphalt and concrete in Mississippi’s infrastructure.  Do more research Duck Brand.  Check out all available teams here.  And, if you do not know the difference between ‘duck tape’ and ‘duct tape’ then please, educate yourself.

SEC Week 4 Preview

Week 4, for many teams, represents the start of some brutal SEC schedules.  I know, we’ve already had some SEC matchups but this week is when you start to get into the “meat” of the schedule.  Games mean more.  Wins mean everything.

Here is a look at this weekend’s slate of games for the SEC….

11:21AM CT  Georgia (1-2, 0-1 SEC) at Ole Miss (1-2, 0-1 SEC) – We are dubbing this as the “Hot Seat Bowl”.  Both coaches are feeling the heat this year after early conference losses.  Ole Miss fans have the most to complain about after shelling out a hefty contract to Houston Nutt.  Richt has been here before and a win, in Oxford, is a must if the Dawgs are going to try and compete against South Carolina and Florida this year.

2:30PM CT No. 14 Arkansas (3-0, 0-0 SEC) at No. 3 Alabama (3-0, 0-0 SEC) – By far the biggest conference game this weekend.  The Hogs will try and avenge a heart breaking loss from last year but will have to do it on the road – a daunting task.  Look for both teams to open the playbooks in this one as the SEC’s best offense squares off against it’s best defense.

6:00PM CT Vanderbilt (3-0, 1-0 SEC) at No. 12 South Carolina (3-0, 1-0 SEC) – Vandy looks for another signature SEC win after embarrassing Ole Miss 30-7 last week while USC looks to further solidify itself as the top team in the East.  Vandy has looked impressive, thus far, but will have to win on the road against one of the most talented teams in the conference to be considered a contender.

6:00PM CT No. 15 Florida (3-0, 1-0 SEC) at Kentucky (2,-1, 0-0 SEC) – Kentucky will try and slow down what appears to be another fast Florida team when these division foes face off in Commonwealth Stadium.  Kentucky’s rushing attack will look to burn some clock and keep Florida’s playmakers off the field.  A win at home would be huge for the Wildcats but that won’t be easy.

6:00PM CT Florida Atlantic (0-2) at Auburn (2-1, 1-0 SEC) – After beating Mississippi State, Auburn dropped a tough game against Clemson last week.  The Tigers will look to score early and often against an opponent allowing 42.5 pts a game.  Auburn needs a confidence booster heading into a matchup with No. 12 South Carolina next week and get it against an over-matched Florida Atlantic team.

6:00PM CT Louisiana Tech (1-2) at Mississippi State (1-2, 0-2 SEC) – After playing Auburn and LSU, the past two weeks, MSU gets a break from SEC play and squares off against a LaTech squad scoring 33 pts a game.  Already down 0-2 in conference play, Dan Mullen’s squad needs to regroup, get a win at home, and get ready for next week’s road trip to Athens to face the Georgia Bulldogs.

7:00PM CT No. 2 LSU (3-0, 1-0 SEC) at No. 16 West Virginia (3-0) – A win against West Virginia would give the LSU Tigers 3 wins over Top 25 teams in the first 4 weeks.  An impressive feat.  College Gameday will be at Mountaineer Field for the matchup but we don’t see this being too close.  LSU’s defense is looking stout and the offense is starting to come together….slowly.  A win here will put LSU on the fast track to Atlanta until November, when they face Alabama and Arkansas.

– Hasley

SEC Expansion? No Thanks

In the latest drama, Dan Beebe may be asked to step down as Big 12 commissioner

Conference realignment is all that anyone is talking about in the college football world these days.  The Big East is basically imploding on itself and everyone in (or who recently left) the conference is turning on one another.  The Big 12 is even worse, with Oklahoma and Texas recently deciding to stick it out after the PAC-12 decided not to expand.  Oklahoma demanded that Dan Beebe, commissioner of the conference, be forced out in order for them to stay.  Originally they acted like they would bolt to the PAC-12 if he wasn’t fired but then people found out that apparently Oklahoma saw that they weren’t getting in anyway and had simply seen an opportunity to oust the controversial commissioner.

It’s like watching one of your mom’s afternoon soap operas when you used to stay home sick from school.  But what would college football be without all the backstabbing and double-dealing?  If there’s one thing I’ve always hated about college football, it’s the hypocrisy.  This conference realignment issue is right at the heart of the hypocrisy of the higher ups in the sport.  They talk about the welfare of their student-athletes but don’t seem to think it’s a problem to make the volleyball team travel 2,300 miles for an in-conference game during the season if it will make them more money during football season.

Could Missouri be the 14th member of the SEC if expansion happens?

One of the big issues at the center of all this talk, is what will the SEC do in the event of massive conference realignment?  Who the SEC would add as it’s 13th, 14th and possibly 15th and 16th members, is the talk of the league right now.  Rumors are swirling around several teams, from West Virginia supposedly being rejected to whether the conference could still potentially steal Virginia Tech or Florida State despite the ACC recently adding two new teams in Pitt and Syracuse.  Will Missouri be added after Texas A&M and force the league to move one team (most likely Auburn) to the East?  These are all questions that are being asked and it seems that the majority of fans are for the conference expanding.  But I have to ask the question:  is expansion/realignment really what’s best for the sport or the SEC?

I understand that if other conferences continue on their path of adding teams and expanding, the SEC can’t be reactionary in adding new members.  I get that it is in the conferences’ best interest to look into what options they have before the dominoes start falling.  If the Big 12 implodes in a year and conference realignment soon follows, the SEC doesn’t want to be unprepared and end up with Memphis and Louisville as their final members.  I completely get that and if expansion happens, I will adapt and so will every other fan of the game.  We will keep watching and the people in charge of these decisions know that.

I do, however, have my doubts about how the decisions currently being made will change the game and I don’t think they’re for the best.  One of the biggest scenarios being mentioned is the addition of Missouri and the subsequent move of Auburn to the SEC East.  I firmly believe that this would be a huge mistake for the conference.  Some of the greatest traditions in the conference would be thrown out the window to make room for Missouri?

The Third Saturday in October could be no more

Alabama would most likely have to choose between Auburn and Tennessee as their permanent SEC East rival.  They of course would choose Auburn, ending a rivalry with Tennessee that has been played every year since 1928 and the Iron Bowl would most likely be moved up from the final conference game of the year to earlier in the season.  LSU would no longer play Auburn every year, a game that has become one of the most exciting rivalries in the conference in recent years.  The list goes on and on of games that the conference would lose because of these decisions.

A friend recently said to me that fans of the SEC fought the idea of an SEC Championship Game when it was first introduced to the league, saying that it would kill traditions, and this is true.  People got used to the change and now the SEC Championship Game is annually one of the most anticipated games in college football.  Alabama fans may have to get used to watching the team travel to Columbia, Missouri every other year on the Third Saturday in October.   Florida fans may have to start finding a way to make the long trip to College Station, Texas every few years when A&M rotates their way onto the schedule.  And I realize that if these things happen I will (and you will) get used to them and life as an SEC fan will go on.  I’m just not really sure I want to.


Games of the Week: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

So far for the season, I’m fairing pretty well on the worst games of the week, where I have an undefeated record.  Of course, most of those games have been huge blowouts so it’s not much of an accomplishment on my end.  So far I am 5-4 on my picks but I plan on changing that this week.

I have to admit right here that I continue to underestimate God’s love for the Auburn Tigers (how else can you explain them) and once again they proved me wrong by beating a team that many had proclaimed to be vastly superior.  Cough, cough, including myself.  So in the spirit of giving, I am finally going to give the Tigers some love this week.  On to this week’s games of the week:

#21 Auburn at Clemson

Auburn continues to test fate and win

This game is mainly high on appeal because of the way that it went last year.  Clemson had a chance to shut up the “War Cam Eagle” chants pretty early on in the season but failed to do so.  This year Clemson has struggled against Wofford and beat Troy pretty handily.  The narrow win against Wofford, especially, doesn’t bode well for Clemson.

As for Auburn, as I mentioned, they obviously have some sort of deal with either God or the Devil considering the way that they are winning games during their current 17 game winning streak.  I have finally given in and will refuse to pick against them until they finally lose.

Pick:  Auburn 38  Clemson 31

Tennessee at #16 Florida

Tyler Bray will show no respect to the Gators defensive backfield

Before this season, this game had kind of lost its’ appeal in recent years.  Tyler Bray, however, has finally got Vol fans talking again and with good reason.  So far on the year Bray has a 78.5% completion rate with 7 touchdowns and no interceptions to go along with nearly 700 yards passing.  Pretty gaudy numbers for 2 weeks, no matter who you’re playing.  Bray has Tennessee buzzing and I’ve even heard some talk that he may be the best UT quarterback since Peyton Manning.  I’m not willing to go there yet but let’s give it some time and see how it turns out.

The Gators, on the other hand are quietly looking pretty solid so far this season.  Their defense has only given up 3 points on the season, albeit to Florida Atlantic and UAB, and the offense has looked good enough, as well.  Surprisingly, I think this game may actually have a chance to decide the East.

Upset Special:  Tennessee 24  Florida 17

Dry Games of the Week

Coastal Carolina at Georgia


Pick:  Georgia 41  CC 10

North Texas at #2 Alabama

Look for Trent Richardson to finally break out this week

Bama continues their streak of making the picks column but twice it’s not been for the right reasons.  Yet again the Tide is playing a cupcake and yet again they will Roll by halftime.  Next week Arkansas and the beginning of true SEC play for the Tide.

Pick:  Alabama 45  North Texas 3