Missouri officially accepts bid to join SEC

Just yesterday the Missouri Tigers officially joined the SEC, bringing the number of member institutions to 14.  The announcement was made at a press conference held at the Missouri Student Center.  The excited crowd was busy chanting S-E-C right up until school Chancellor Brady Deaton took the podium.  Other speakers included Mizzou AD Mike Alden, SEC Board President Bernie Machen, and SEC Commissioner Mike Slive.

The new SEC logo, with additions for Texas A&M and Missouri

Missouri will join the SEC, leaving the Big 12, just as Texas A&M did only a month ago.  It appears that in 2012, Mizzou’s first season, that they will be a part of the Eastern Division.  Nevermind that Columbia is the third most westerly school location.  Putting Missouri in the East keeps Alabama and Auburn in the same division and preserves the annual end of the year showdown known as the Iron Bowl.  Plans for future realignment could still be seen later down the road.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to both Missouri and Texas A&M.  Glad to have these two institutions as part of the best conference in college football.  But now gentlemen, you will now need to up your game.  Losing to the likes of Baylor, Kansas St, and Arizona St (Missouri), and getting beaten by Oklahoma by 16 (Texas A&M) might fly in the Big 12 but you will be representing the SEC next season and that will not cut it.



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