Welcome Back Football

Get out your croakies, swoop your hair to the side, tighten that tie and get ready for some SEC football!

Can you feel it?  Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for.  Sure, there are only two SEC teams on the slate tonight but you can practically feel the wind blowing through your Bama bangs, the sweat dripping off your croakies, the tie tightening around your neck, the shaker sitting in your back pocket.  You can practically hear Sandstorm over the loud speaker, the fighter jets swooping low over the stadium or the Bear’s raspy voice sending chills down your spine.  It’s football season again, and just like every other season, it feels like it’s been too long.

With the SEC season set to kick off on tonight with Mississippi State vs. Memphis and Kentucky vs. Western Kentucky and all the rest of our favorite teams ready to suit up for the long haul on Saturday, I wanted to get you ready for some of the new features that the Dweller is going to be rolling out throughout the regular season.  Sure, we’ve had a lot of fun putting out stuff leading up to the season but it’s the real games that are what we’ve been waiting for, just like all of you.

As Chris introduced yesterday, every week we’re going to be helping the gamblers out there hopefully pick some games that could help make you a little cash on the side.

I’ll be starting a countdown of the greatest rivalries in the conference, revealing a new one every week until the final week of the season.  If you are passionate about a particular rivalry and want it included, there’s still time to convince me that it belongs near the top of the list.  Just send any comments or questions to thebasementdweller.sadler@gmail.com.

We’ll all be writing about the key matchups each week that you need to be aware of and we’ll be rolling out some stuff about the worst games of the week, as well.  Also, look out for recaps of all the best games of each weekend.

Jeff will be continuing his History of the SEC, Chris will be continuing his Key Games series, the Hate series will of course continue and hopefully we’ll give you all the things that you need to know as the season progresses.

Thanks for continuing to read the Dweller and Roll Tide! (or Go Cats, War Eagle, Go Dawgs’, Ring a Cowbell, sing Hotty Toddy, Go ‘Dores, Go ‘Cocks, sing Rocky Top, Go Gators, Sooooooiiiiieeeee, or Geaux Tigers. . . . or whatever other crazy thing you may say)

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