The Best of #secapplicationquestions

In case you missed it last night, twitter was blowing up with SEC application questions.  Not sure exactly where it all started, at least 4 different people are claiming credit, but I waded through all the tweets to find the best of #secapplicationquestions so you wouldn’t have to.  You’re welcome.  First a few that the Dwellers came up with.

Has the roar from your stadium ever registered as an earthquake?

Have you ever had a coach retire twice for post-game heart conditions?

Are “g”s on the ends of words optional?

Does the population of your city double on Saturdays?

Do you have children named after players or coaches?

In an avg restaurant in ur city/state someone asks for sweet tea, is the A: “Yes”, or “We have sugar on the table”?

And now, in no particular order, the best of the rest…
@BamaEd How quickly can you go from profanity to leading a prayer in the locker room?
@wesrucker247 what’s the difference between Jefferson pilot, Lincoln financial, raycom, and the sec network?
@BarrettSallee Do you have a source in the FBI or NCAA that can confirm your rival is cheating?
@DanWolken Do your students wear coat and tie to football games and sweats to class?
@Mengus22 What year did your state secede from the union?
@CarsonC5 How much money, hypothetically, would you have offered Cam Newton?
@BlueWorkhorse Win or lose, we still booze?
@JustinAbrotsky Where do you display title trophies? 1) Alumni hall 2) Arena 3) Athletic offices 4) Wal-Mart
@johnclayiv Do your fans buy season basketball tickets just to remain on the waiting list for season football tickets?
@NDeal13 Do you promise to tell the truth,the whole truth,and nothing but the truth, unless talking to an NCAA investigator?

If you missed out last night you only have yourself to blame.  How many times do we have to say it, follow us on twitter @SEC_Dweller

Please add your favorites in the comments if we missed them.



One response to “The Best of #secapplicationquestions

  1. You left off: Is Waffle House a food group? I don’t remember the name of the guy who posted it but that was the best one I saw.

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