Everybody Hates Arkansas

“This is going to be our year.”

How many times have you heard those words come out of the mouth of an Arkansas fan?  Granted, the Hogs field a fairly competitive team annually.  They limp into a bowl game just about every season, being mainstays in the Cotton, Liberty, and Independence Bowls.  But let’s look at some of the facts Woopig fans.  You’ve had a winning record in SEC play only three times this century, and seven of the last 20 seasons.  You’ve made it to Atlanta to represent the West in the SEC Championship game a whopping three times, being completely ran off the field in two of those three appearances, and losing by 10 in the other.  That’s including 2002 when Alabama would’ve gone to Atlanta had they not been banned from post-season play.  Lastly, what about the Hogs’ wonderful bowl record of 12-23-3?  That pretty much speaks for itself.

Do you know this man?

There are some things that a sane human being just would not do—wearing a “hog hat” is one of them.  Seriously, this thing has to be the most ridiculous piece of fan attire to ever be created.  Sure, they’re fine to make in children’s sizes for the kids to wear, but the problem is the only people I’ve seen wearing these things are grown men.  Please stop making these things…please.

Arkansas plays two or three of their “home” games every season at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock.  Now, I’ve never heard of a reason that the Hogs play games in Little Rock, but I’ve managed to come up with a couple of theories on my own.  One, the University is so ashamed of the hell hole that is Fayetteville that they don’t want to disgrace the fans any more than they have to.  Two, Little Rock is literally the only city in Arkansas.  The rest of the state consists of nothing.  It might as well not even be a state—just break it up and give each of the surrounding states a fourth of it.  Lastly, the main reason they play games at War Memorial is because when you type in “Fayetteville, AR” on your GPS system, all it does is laugh and ask you why in the living hell you would want to go there.

If you’ve never talked to an Arkansas fan before, I suggest you give yourself the opportunity to do so at least once in your lifetime.  More often than not, you’ll come away with the perception that they could very well be the most delusional fan base in the history of the world.  Your team will be belittled and picked apart, position by position, and you will be told why a player at that position for Arkansas is better than the player on your team, even if your player is a Preseason All-American and the player from Arkansas has never played a down at the college level.  Also, Arkansas’s coach, no matter who it is at the time, is better than your coach.  After years of being “the best big game coach in the SEC”, Houston Nutt was fired for–you guessed it–not winning enough “big games”.  Now Bobby Petrino is the savior in Fayetteville.  I’ll spare you my opinion on the fact that this man up and left the Atlanta Falcons with three games remaining in their season.  Albeit, Arky’s record has improved since Petrino arrived, but with Ryan Mallett now gone, how good will the Hogs really be?

I could go on for days listing some of the most ridiculous comments regarding Arkansas’s football team that you will ever hear.  The saddest part about it is that Arkansas fans actually think fans of other schools are delusional.  Here is my request to the “Hog Nation”:

Arkansas fans—please wake up.  Snap out of it.  You’re living in a dream world.  Let us know when you win something that actually makes you relevant.


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11 responses to “Everybody Hates Arkansas

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  2. Footballplayer74

    Some good points. I like that point that they haven’t played worth a crap in their history. One thing that ticks me off is that they think they won a national championship in 1964, but Alabama got the trophy. Doesn’t a trophy mean you were the best? Not to Arkansas. They are just so ashamed of their sorry history of no national championship wins when they are supposedly “high and mighty” in the SEC.

    But the real reason I hate the hogs other than their fans naïveté and arrogance (and Petrinos low moral and sportsmanship standards) is the fact that they are the only school in the US that has never in history played another football team in the state of Arkansas. Arkansas State I’d D1-A just like Arkansas, and as I write this, there are many innerstate rivalry games being played right now. Frank broyles and the sports department at Arkansas have created a “policy” that they will not play other schools in the state. Are they scared of losing fanbase? Seems like it. They use money and skill level as a issue, but they pay Troy (who is one of the worst in the sunbelt) to play then at Little Rock to have an easy game (not to mention Missouri southern, if I’m correct). Arkansas state is undefeated in conference, so weakness isn’t a problem. They are just flat out scared and will make any excuse under the sun not to play. And just to put the icing on the cake as I wrap this up, the NCAA forced Arkansas and Arkansas State to play in the womens basketball tournament just like 4 years ago and Frank Broyles begged the NCAA and they said that’s how the brackets were so that’s how they would be played. Now remember this is a WOMENS BASKETBALL game. The stadium was sold out and there were over 11,000 people there. Enough said.

    Arkansas, stop being freaking scared. If you blow out ASU, then guess what, it’ll just replace one of the blow outs that you already schedule. If Florida can play FAU, then y’all can play. Stop being scared. It’s time for change.

    • Footballplayer74,

      The NCAA FBS does not recognize a national champion like college basketball does. National Champions are currently recognized by the BCS and back before they had the BCS, there were different polls that voted and awarded teams as there national champion. Alabama was voted national champions by the AP and other polls that voted before the bowl games. Some polls voted Arkansas as it’s national champion after the bowl game with led to the AP poll changing the rules. So technically the NC was split with Alabama, Arkansas and some other team because you can’t officially name somebody a NC unless the teams play each other for it. And yes, trophy’s are just pieces of hardware that are awarded by people who in their opinion are the best team in the country. They’re are not named by the NCAA. Every national championship is mythical in the FBS. But Arkansas was the only team to finish the season undefeated so it makes since to say the Arkansas was the best team that year because Alabama lost Texas in their bowl game and Arkansas beat Texas in the regular season. Alabama has done the same thing with many of they’re national championships. So maybe that should help you at not being so ticked off when a hog fan claims Arkansas won a NC in 1964.

  3. First of all, Arkansas plays games in Little Rock because it helps with in-state recruiting. Not everybody can travel several hours to see their team play so they play 2 games in Little Rock ever year so people in Central Arkansas can watch without traveling all the way to Fayetteville.

    Secondly, you said that Arkansas got rid of Nutt for not winning enough big games. That’s not the whole story. There’s many reasons why fans weren’t happy with Houston Nutt.

    Thirdly, how good will Arky be now that Ryan Mallet is in the NFL? Hmm, how many more games did we win last year than we did this year? Oh, wait!

    Arky is not Alabama and LSU but things have definitly improved considering Arkansas made it’s first BCS appearance last year
    and made back-to-back 10-win seasons for the first time since Arkansas 1988 before Arkansas joined the SEC. We haven’t been this good in a long time and all you haters can just suck it because I’m proud of the accomplishments this team has made the past couple of years.

  4. Okay so I know that this website was made for trash talking. This is just my response to all these points that haters usually try to bring up when they don’t really know what they’re talking about. I have to correct their misconception.


  6. This is just a bunch of children yelling at each other. I’m from Arkansas, and I have a doctorate. My IQ is 136. I don’t beat my wife or children. I love the Hogs, because they are always the underdog and everyone hates them. Last year was amazing, and they still got no respect whatsoever. I googled a question about Arkansas and this #@$ pops up. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. Perpetuating stereotypes doesn’t exactly make you look intelligent, FYI.

  7. I have lived just across the state line in Missouri for most of my life. I have lived in Arkansas for the past 10 years. I watched the GAme of the Century in 1969 when Frank Broyles and the Hogs let down their fans by blowing the game against Texas. Since that time, Arkansas has always managed to let down their fans. One reason is that the fans always think they are the best and they are just one of the rest. Their slogan remains: Just wait till next year! By the way, the like to brag about being a member of the SEC, well the last two SEC games they gave up over 111pts and scored 10. They got way more respect than they should have last year for someone who got skulldragged on national television twice and barely beat Ole Miss and Vandy. So their high preseason ranking proves they got too much respect. They deserve none. As far as Petrino, when you hire someone with no integrity, this is what you get.

    • You do know that Arkansas has an interim coach this year and is now in a rebuilding process. This team is not the same as it was last year when Petrino was coaching this team. As for last year’s games against Ole Miss and Vandy, those were just two bad games that Arkansas had. They blew out Tennessee which beat Vandy and dominated a South Carolina that beat Vandy by 18. And as for the slogan “Just wait till next year!” or “This is going to be our year!”, that could mean anything. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we will win a national championship. But we did have a good run the last two seasons.

  8. I also have lived in Arkansas for several years coming from Missouri. On the shuttle bus in Dallas going from the hotel to the Cotton Bowl a few years ago, Ark fans were really letting us have it about how they were in the SEC and every team in the SEC was Oklahoma. I did not get to rub it in on the ride back to the hotel because the Arkansas fans left at the half. Just wait till next year!

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