4 LSU Players Sought for Questioning in Bar Fight

UPDATE:  Amidst reports that the 4 players could face arrest on Monday, they have lawyer-ed up and postponed the interview with police till a later date.

Starting QB Jordan Jefferson & 3 others sought for questioning after bar fight.

Apparently there was an ugly scene outside of a Baton Rouge bar called Shady’s early Friday morning.  Four people were taken to the hospital following an altercation allegedly involving several LSU football players (no Tigers were taken to the hospital).  On Monday police will interview starting QB Jordan Jefferson, OL Chris Davenport, DL Josh Johns and WR Jarvis Landry.  Sgt. Stone of BRPD emphasized that they were just wanting to get information from the players, and not wanting them to turn themselves in, and no arrests warrants have been filed.

Coach Les Miles was very displeased when he spoke to the media on Saturday about the incident.  He called the actions “unacceptable”, and apologized for the team.  He said that the entire team was present for the 10:30 curfew, but that a “relatively large group” was involved in going to the bar that night.  Coach Miles is punishing the team as a whole until the entire story is revealed, then individual punishments are likely.

Even if there are no legal repercussions from this event, suspensions seem likely.  That is bad news for Tiger fans as LSU opens the season against the #3 ranked Oregon Ducks, a tough test even with your entire team focused and available.  This is certainly going to make things even more interesting in the stacked SEC West.  We will update this story as news becomes available.



2 responses to “4 LSU Players Sought for Questioning in Bar Fight

  1. Well this is just a cryin shame.

  2. And to think I tried to draft Landry on my fantasy team.
    Go Cocks! #TeamGarcia

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