Everybody Hates Ole Miss

Before getting into this post please read the intro to this series.

Are you ready????

The Hotty Toddy chant is famous even outside of the Grove for its obnoxiousness.

An artist's (commisioned by Ole Miss) interpretation of Hotty Toddy. Hmmm..... needs croakies.

Hotty Toddy, Gosh almighty
Who the hell are we, Hey!
Flim Flam, Bim Bam

First paragraph and I already feel like I am  over Sadler’s unspoken limit on four letter words.  I will skip over the nonsense words thrown in because apparently “damn” is too hard a word to rhyme with, you get a pass on that (this time).  But that sounded like a question in there.  “Who the hell are we?”  Would you really like to know?  Are you ready?

Ole Miss is the joke the other five teams in the SEC West share.  Mississippi is the only team in the Western Division that has never won the division title (18 seasons).  Atlanta and the Georgia Dome are like myths in Oxford.  The U of M’s last SEC title was in 1963 and has not made a trip to the Sugar Bowl since 1970.  Ole Miss claims 3 National Championships (1959, 1960, 1962) but was not ranked #1 in the final rankings by either the Associated Press or Coaches’ Poll (UPI) in any of those seasons.  We are ‘Ole Miss by damn’.  OK, fine, but it really isn’t anything worth yelling about or getting worked up over.


He's no Admiral Ackbar

So Colonel Reb has been phased out because some considered him racist, but all the sports teams are still called Rebels.  The new mascot is even called the Rebel Black Bear.  So why did we need to get rid of the Colonel?  Are older white men with awesome mustaches inherently racist?  Let’s be honest here, the caricature known as Col. Reb is not the reason people considered Ole Miss as racist.  However it could have had something to do with the university refusing to integrate its football team until 1972, and/or fans waving Rebel flags during games till they were banned in 2003, but only maybe.  It is too bad that Col. Reb was used as the scapegoat in this case.

But why Rebels in the first place?  Are Ole Miss fans aware the the Rebels came in 2nd (out of 2) during the Civil War?  Why not just be the Ole Miss Losers, or Surrender-ers?  With their recent history that actually might be more fitting.

Back to the new mascot, the Rebel Black Bear.  He was elected by a committee  that polled current students, faculty, staff, alumni, and season ticket holders. Here is an excerpt from the official statement released by the Mascot Selection Committee announcing the winner.

"Remember, football is 80% mental and 40% physical." Relevant.

“The poll indicated that 62 percent of those polled support the Rebel Black Bear. The Rebel Land Shark drew 56 percent support, and Hotty Toddy drew 42 percent.” [link]

Keep in mind, that was only 3 of the total 11 mascots voted on.  Who knows how high the total percentage of votes was?

The Blind Side

"You gotta protect the blind side, that's the side the quarterback can't see. That's why the call it the blind side. Cause he can't see."

First off, I enjoyed the Blind Side and thought it was a well written, acted, and produced movie and tells a heartwarming and inspiring story.  The problem I have here is that the phrase “blind side” is now the go-to phrase for people who know nothing about football, who want to prove they know football.  If you are ever in a conversation and someone uses this term more than 3 times in a 5 minute period, ask them what side of the ball a guard plays on.  Then wait as they answer with a blank and lost look.  Here is an actual conversation I had the displeasure of being a part of:

Blind Side Fan:  “Did you know that more often than not, the second highest paid player on a team is the left tackle?  Seriously, it is the left tackle’s job is to protect the quarterback from what he can’t see coming. To protect his blind side.”

Me:  “What if the quarterback is left-handed?”

BSF:  “Huh?!?”

Me:  “Nevermind, I don’t really want to hear what Sandra Bullock thinks about left tackles.  So, what do you think about nickelbacks?”

BSF:  “What?  Like the band?  I thought we were talking about football?”

Me:  “……..”

BSF:  “Did you know that Lawrence Taylor…”

Me:  “Please stop talking.”

That’s right, I blame you Ole Miss.


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10 responses to “Everybody Hates Ole Miss

  1. Great stuff jeff

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  5. “Atlanta and the Georgia Dome are like myths in Oxford”. …I don’t care who you are, that’s funny.

  6. I love Ole Miss, but enjoy your series. Just one little thing though: Ole Miss banned flags at games in 1997 – not 2003. 2003 is when they kicked out Col. Reb.

  7. Sorry, but only and idiot would write an article about Ole Miss this way, there are an awful lot of Ole Miss supporters and fans, to say less is foolish. Are they a national powerhouse, no, but they are a small university with a lot of heart and soul, loved and admired by many

  8. Ole miss sucks

  9. Ole miss is going to be awesome and all of you will just be bandwagon fans and not actually like them good or bad

    • EXCUSE YOU!! I have been a Mississippi State fan since I was born. Ain’t nobody be bandwangoning up in here. Oh and btw ole miss isn’t awesome and never will be cause first off you CHEAT you pay players to come to your campus overnight after they’ve already commited to us. I mean really now?

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