SEC Pretenders

Golden Knights? Very intimidating

Now that SEC expansion is the hot topic around college football, I figured that it would probably be a good idea to address the candidates for the 14th spot in the league once Texas A&M inevitably is offered a spot.  Every other SEC writer out there is approaching this by who has the best chance to get an invite to the SEC but I’m going to go the opposite direction.  I’m going to look at the schools who are delusional enough to think they would have a chance to join and explain exactly why the SEC would never in a million years be interested.

Here are the pretenders:

Central Florida

I’ve been hearing this one a lot and it’s nonsense.  What conference is Central Florida even in?  I will give 15 points to anyone that emails me the answer without looking it up.  And what’s their mascot?  Nothing as cool as a Rebel Black Bear, I can promise you that.


Is Brian Brohm coming back?  Is Bobby Petrino still the coach?  What?  He took a job at Arkansas?  Oh, nevermind.


The Bearcats had two “good” seasons where they competed in the big and bad Big East, against the likes of West Virginia and Syracuse (or somebody else terrible, who’s paying attention) and all the sudden they think they’re good enough to join up with the SEC?  Please.  Just take a look at the 2009 Sugar Bowl. (Although, I gotta hand it to ‘em, the Bearcats new helmets are freakin’ awesome)


Hey look everyone, it’s the home of NFL superstar Chris Johnson!!  Quick, name one other player who’s ever played at ECU!


Official rule that I am making up right now:  If you are from a state North of West Virginia, you don’t get to join the SOUTHeastern Conference.  Make sense?

I think it’s much more likely that we’ll see a team like Virginia Tech, North Carolina State or Florida State join the conference.  Each of them brings something that these other schools don’t:  competition.  Sure, NC State doesn’t bring a huge level of competition but they do bring a new tv market and it’s not hard to picture them in the SEC . . . they’re at least relatively near the South.

I stand by my pick, though, by 2013 I say that the Virginia Tech Hokies are the team that joins Texas A&M in the conference.


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