Everybody Hates LSU

You can read each article in our “Hate” series:  Intro (HERE); Kentucky (HERE)

LSU fans aka "Coonasses" are known to fall for simple traps such as these on gamedays

It’s not hard to hate on this next team.  Their success in the last decade is enough to provoke all kinds of hate, but it’s the reasons we will discuss below that will make you want to punch a baby.

Adding “eaux” to end of a word was clever at first.  Now, 100 million references later, it’s just annoying.

“Death Valley”
We know your night games get loud, but Death Valley is an actual place in California. Calling your stadium Death Valley is just stupid.

Originality                                                                                                                                     Not only did LSU name their stadium after an already-named place in California, they picked the Tigers as their mascot, and guess what they named him……Mike. They are just oozing with originality. It could only get worse if they hired John Smith as their next football coach.

The Coach
Let’s start with the hat.  Who wears a hat like that?  And how does it stay on his head? The whole hat thing is so absurd that LSU fans actually call Les Miles “The Hat”…creative, right?
As lucky as Miles has been the last few years with his play-calling/guessing, LSU fans actually think he’s a genius!  That Tennessee game last year was all Les, remember?!  My last comment will be in the form of this video, which speaks for itself…

Yard Markers
Most all stadiums paint the yardage markers every 10 yards…..except LSU.  LSU finds it necessary to paint the lines every 5 yards.  Probably because most LSU fans/players can only count to 5.

What is that Smell?
Ask anyone who lives outside of Baton Rouge…..it smells like corn dogs.

Baton Rouge
Speaking of Baton Rouge….it isn’t New Orleans, but it’s still in Louisiana.  It’s like the worst of both worlds.

LSU is responsible for Shaquille O’Neal (annoying), Jamarcus Russell (failure), Will Wright (created the Sims game–lame), and James Carville (ugly).

LSU alumni, James Carville, has been called "circus ugly".

So there you go.  My favorite reasons to hate the LSU Tigers.  I know there has to be more, so feel free to submit your favorite reasons or stories of why you hate this French-Canadian backwoods excuse for a university.

– Darrin


9 responses to “Everybody Hates LSU

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  7. I agree with you. I am a LSU hater and have been for 25 years. Back then I had an opportunity to attend a Board of Regents meeting and saw how they sucked all of the money away from the other smaller Louisiana universities. The football team is a bunch of thugs – always in trouble (which always “disappears”).

  8. vernemostiano@gmail.com

    LSU is constantly surrounded in scandal. Those guys think they are the bad boys of the SEC. I can’t wait for the next crap to surface.

  9. Lol. GEAUXXXXXXXX TIGERS! Keep hatin and we ‘ll just continue to dominate…..BtW being a ” hater” is never a good look. Bama is the only team/ fan base who can make an argument.

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