Public Service Announcement: Everyone in the SEC Hates You

Tennessee fans are just like every other SEC fan, they don't realize how much everyone hates them.

Here in SEC country we love our teams with unbridled passion. The kind that could get you arrested in most states. If you are reading this, chances are you are one of the proud and loyal fans of one of the conference’s esteemed universities. You probably attend as many games as your wallet and schedule will allow, decked out in your loves colors and singing her fight song with others, also proclaiming their love.

But there are other teams out there, they have plans of  blemishing your love with an ugly tally added to the loss column. These other programs have their own fans who profess to love these other schools as much as you love your own. They wear other colors, sing other songs, and have all manner of strange traditions before, during, and after games. These other schools and their fans bring about a whole different emotion.  Hate. Pure, unadulterated hate. “Don’t these other fans know how ugly those uniforms are?”, you might think.  “How can they not see how stupid they look with that cheer?”

But then it comes to your attention that the other fans hate you as well.  But why?  What could anyone possibly have against you and your fellow fans, and how could you not have known?

The good news is that it is not your fault. The reason you cannot see is because your love has made you blind. Your blindness keeps you from seeing your love as she truly is. The basement dwellers feel your pain and want to help you understand. That is why we have taken the time to let you know EXACTLY why your team and fellow fans suck.

In the following weeks we will go through every team to let their fanbase know what it is about them that makes the rest of the conference hate them. This should be fun and enlightening for everyone, but don’t get pissy or defensive when it is your teams turn. Just know that the dwellers do this not out of hate, but out of love. Love for our fans, and love for the greatest conference in the land.

Today we are going to start out by telling everyone from the Commonwealth of Kentucky just why it is that the rest of us hate you.  So stay tuned.


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