Jameis Winston Set to Make Announcement

Winston has a great arm, but is mobile as well.

Jameis Winston is set to make the announcement that will set the tone for the rest of the 2012 recruiting race.  The announcement reportedly will take place around 2:30PM Central today.  Regarded my most as the #1 QB of the 2012 class, Winston possesses the play-making ability that a coach at any level would love to have running his offense.  His speed makes him extremely dangerous when the play breaks down, but he also has a cannon for an arm.  The coaches at the school Winston chooses will have to find a way to harness his raw talent and angst to get on the perimeter.

Winston’s choices are believed to be narrowed down to Florida State, Alabama, and LSU.  Florida State seems to be the school to beat in this race, where Winston has developed some great relationships with the players and coaching staff.  Alabama would be the likely choice if Winston decides against the Seminoles.  Stay tuned to The Basement Dweller for coverage of this announcement.



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