Best? Dressed Coaches in the SEC

I recently saw an ESPN Page 2 article (which you can read here: where Dave Wilson caught up with all of the coaches in the SEC and asked them an assortment of different questions.  Topics ranged from most hostile environment in the conference, to their biggest superstition and even how much their first coaching job paid.  The part that caught my attention, though, was when they asked the coaches who was the best dressed among their colleagues.  It got me thinking and I decided that I have eyes and I have seen most of these coaches and I’ll probably be able to find some pretty solid pictures of them in their Sunday best.  So, I’ve decided to do my own “Best Dressed List” among all the coaches in the SEC.  Without further ado, here they are from worst to best:

12. Dan Mullen


Is this a picture of an SEC coach or the next deacon at your local church?  It’s pretty hard to tell after looking at the boring brown jacket and the tie that Coach Mullen apparently stole from your dad’s closet but this is, in fact, an SEC football coach. . . . and the poorest dressed among them.




11. Houston Nutt

You! No, You man!

It was really hard to put Coach Nutt ahead of Dan Mullen after finding this picture from his coaching days at Arkansas but since it was from his former job, I cut him a little slack.  I don’t even know where to start critiquing this picture.  Should I go with the tapered sweat pants, or the t-shirt tucked into the tapered sweat pants, or the 1830’s style plantation owner hat?  There’s just so much to choose from here.  And for the record, I would have started with the old man, all white Adidas’.


10. Gene Chizik

Gene's got his leather jacket in case he needs to go into a controlled slide on his hog later.

If you don’t think Coach Chizik’s leather jacket is cool, make sure you check out the vast assortment of cutoff sweatshirts or Under Armour turtlenecks that he pulls out of the wardrobe on a regular basis.  I like to imagine that those turtlenecks that Gene wears on gamedays are actually dickies.  It’s just way more fun that way.

9.  Will Muschamp


There’s nothing particularly terrible about anything that Coach Muschamp wears but it was just the amount of bland that he wears that landed him this low on the countdown.  Granted, I’m pretty sure that 90% of the pictures I could find of him were from the same press conference but he didn’t do himself any favors wearing the orange tie that I wore to my 6th grade dance.  We’ll revisit Will’s clothing choices after he gets a full season under his belt and see if he moves himself up.

8.  Bobby Petrino

Coach Petrino makes that turtleneck look GOOD!

In a theme that I found is pretty common among SEC coaches, Bobby loves a good turtleneck.  Is it just a part of life that once you cross the 50 year mark, you start pulling the turtlenecks out of the closet?  Because if so, I plan on dying early.



7.  Nick Saban

Come on Coach, what were you thinking?

Coach Saban landed himself this low on the countdown for one reason only:  he used to dress really poorly.  Will Muschamp, in the ESPN article referenced earlier, referred to Saban’s old wardrobe as “Cosby sweaters”.  He has come a long way since those days and actually looks pretty dapper on most occasions now.  He does, however, also fall victim to the turtleneck rule listed under #8 every once and a while.

6.  Les Miles

Lookin' good, Coach

As I’ve mentioned, several of the coaches love the turtleneck look but none pull it off quite as well as ol’ Les.  Somehow, he actually manages to make it look kinda cool.  It must be something about LSU’s manly colors that make the best in the turtleneck shine through.  We don’t know how you did it Coach, but somehow you pulled it off.

5.  Steve Spurrier

If you could have just found your shirt, you may have gotten higher than 5th, Steve

The Ol’ Ball Coach has pretty much put his stamp on the college football fashion world with his signature visors that he’s worn since his Florida days.  He also manages to look good in a sweater vest better than most men could.

4.  Mark Richt


Is it just me, or does Coach Richt always look like he just got done playing a round of golf in a horrible rainstorm?






3. James Franklin

I guarantee you, you wouldn't look this good in black and gold

The new coach at Vandy has brought it pretty strong since taking over the head job.  The gold and black probably does him some favors but I’m pretty sure he’d look good if you put him in magenta and teal, too.








2.  Joker Phillips

I don’t know if it’s the way he’s dressed or if I’m just lost in his eyes but try and tell me with a straight face that you wouldn’t kiss him on the mouth if he let you.  You can’t and I know you can’t.





1.  Derek Dooley

Congrats, Coach! You out dressed 9 guys who couldn't dress a donkey and two guys who you just happened to be slightly better looking than!

Maybe it’s because he’s a former lawyer, or maybe it’s just Tennessee’s day here at the Dweller but no coach in the league looks quite as good when he pulls himself up to that podium for a presser as Coach Dooley does.  I added points to Derek’s location on the list for the fact that he somehow manages to make that awful orange look good.  I would like to offer my sincerest congratulations to Coach Derek Dooley, of the Tennessee Volunteers, on his #1 ranking in the first “Best Dressed Coaches in the SEC” here at the Dweller.



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