Nutt’s Comments Add Drama to this Year’s Egg Bowl

Nutt and Mullen will meet on November 26

Dan Mullen has been very outspoken since his arrival in Starkville.  Now, Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt is firing back.  At a kickoff dinner earlier this week, Coach Nutt apologized for last year’s 4-8 season that saw the Rebels go 0-5 against divisional opponents.  He also took the time to sneak in a few blows directed at that OTHER team in Mississippi.

Nutt proudly stated that his 2011 recruiting class was “the best in the state…the best.” rated Nutt’s class as 19th best, while Mullen’s haul was ranked 44th.  With such a large gap in the rankings, it will be interesting to see what each class can accomplish.  You know those MSU recruits will have that quote stapled on their lockers for all 4 years.

Nutt also took offense to the recently released video by MSU that features the Egg Bowl Trophy and titled, “Golden Days: A Day in the Life of the Egg Bowl Trophy.”  Nutt brought up the 2008 Egg Bowl that saw Ole Miss blast the Dawgs 45-0, saying “Nobody had to carry around the trophy and show everybody.”

The recent comments definitely add a little more drama to this year’s Egg Bowl and, in my opinion, it’s the best thing for this rivalry.  Everyone in Mississippi knows about the importance of this game…now it’s time for people outside the state to start paying attention.

– Darrin


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