Stephen Garcia and QB Coach Switch Bodies

With hair like that, Mangus may not want to switch back

In a scene straight out a Hollywood movie, authorities in Greenville, South Carolina have reported that South Carolina Gamecocks quarterback coach, G.A. Mangus was found to have switched bodies with his own quarterback, Stephen Garcia.  Police said they witnessed “Mangus” “facing Main Street urinating on the street, curb and roadway” at around 1:31 AM early Tuesday morning.  A strong stench of alcohol was also said to be emanating from his person.

Police were baffled by the behavior of “Mangus” until they began questioning him.  Additionally, officers noted, “We really started to put two and two together regarding the situation when we found ‘Stephen’ back in the Gamecock locker room studying film”, officers said.

When approached for comment, Coach Spurrier was quoted as saying “ohh, Stephen!”, followed by a laugh track.

In the past Spurrier has also been quoted as having said that the team won’t “kick him out for stupidity”, so we have to believe that this latest incident won’t change that approach.  Coach “Mangus” has been suspended indefinitely, or at least until a way to switch the two men back into their appropriate bodies can be found.

Hollywood film executives have already been approached about buying up the rights to the storyline but were quoted as having said “with the upcoming blockbuster success of The Change-Up and the immense success of Freaky Friday in the past, we don’t want to push the genre too far”.



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