Bama “controversy” leaves Clay Travis grasping at straws

Clay Travis in his Tennessee orange

Let me start by admitting the obvious:  I am an Alabama fan.  For those of you who have read this blog in the past, that comes as no surprise.   With the site changing from its old format of being a platform for me to rant, to a site where we are trying to give insight into SEC football as a whole, I want to admit my allegiance so that it’s out there in the open because I’m about to defend Alabama.  Here goes:

Clay Travis has recently issued “BREAKING” news on his new website Outkick the Coverage about an Alabama compliance issue regarding a Tuscaloosa area Men’s Warehouse and it’s skeezy owner who was found to be selling Alabama player jerseys.  There’s only one problem with this “BREAKING” news from Clay Travis:  he didn’t break it.  Chase Goodbread, the Alabama beat writer for the Tuscaloosa News, actually reported the news here: three days ago, on July 22. Furthermore, the University of Alabama sent a cease and desist letter to the owner of the store on December 10, 2010 and self reported the violations (Update: UA has released a statement saying that they spoke with the SEC Office and did not self report when they found no reason to do so). To try and pass this off as a scandal that his website broke at this point, is laughable.  Clay Travis is spinning an old story into a “scandal” to try and get you to read his new site.

Listen, I completely understand the need to get publicity for a website, trust me. I’m writing an article for a blog that we recently started about SEC football and we have been trying to get the word out about this site to try and get some regular readers.  Heck, this article is an attempt to get people to read, I fully admit that.  But while we’re trying to get people to read, we’re not taking news from a week ago and trying to pass it off as our own.  You’ll notice we have posted nothing regarding the continuing investigation into Cam Newton at Auburn on the site.  The news that is out there about the investigation has been out there for some time and until there is something new and relevant to report, we probably won’t give you “BREAKING” news about it.

Clay Travis is a Tennessee fan and the same one that defended Bruce Pearl against the allegations at Tennessee.  Bruce Pearl was fired.  So maybe I’m a homer, and maybe I shouldn’t call out Clay Travis and defend my team on my own site. . . . But let’s make one thing clear:  Clay Travis is a homer and he hates Alabama. And seriously, dude, don’t claim old news is new news.



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