Preseason Predictions

Can Bama make it back to the title game this year?

What kind of SEC football blog would we be if we didn’t try and force down your throat our opinions on who is going to win the league (and National Championship by default) this season?  Not a very good one, that’s what.  So, as our first post, we got together all our new folks and each came up with who we think will win each league and who will win the SEC Championship.  You can probably take at least one of these to the bank, the real question for you is:  which one of us will you trust?


SEC West:  Alabama

There are definitely some QB questions for the Tide entering this season. However, their defense will be good enough to bail them out of some low scoring games. Their season comes down to two pivotal games – Arkansas and LSU… and they get both at home.

SEC East:  South Carolina

USC is the heavy favorite in the East this year, and rightfully so. They have plenty of weapons on offense and a solid defensive front. Anything short of a trip to Atlanta would be a colossal failure.

Can Stephen Garcia lead SC to an SEC Championship?

SEC Champ:  Alabama

I think the East is still a year or two away from competing with the West in Atlanta. USC is close and I think this game comes down to the running game. Problem is, Alabama is solid against the run and should be again this year. Look for Bama to take home their 23rd SEC title in 2011.


SEC West:  LSU

The popular pick in the West this year is Alabama, and with good reason, the Tide returns most of their defense from a year ago and many people are projecting the unit to be the best in the country.  I can’t shake the feeling, though, that LSU is the team to beat in the West.  Jordan Jefferson, by all accounts, showed vast improvement at the Manning Passing Academy this summer and if the defense isn’t as good as Alabama’s, it isn’t worse by a very wide margin.

SEC East: Georgia

The East as a whole isn’t going to be as strong this year as it has been in past years.  South Carolina will definitely be coming into the year with a target on their back after winning the division a year ago.  I can’t, however, pick a team led by Stephen Garcia’s whiskey-lovin’ self to win it for the second year in a row.  I think Georgia, led by Aaron Murray (probably the best QB in the conference this year), will play hard to keep coach Mark Richt off the hot-seat and pull the upset on SC early in the year, which should be enough to get them to the Championship game.

SEC Champ:  LSU


SEC West:  Alabama

When I sat down to go through the conference schedule, it was hard to find a team that can match the skill, experience, and overall team speed of the Alabama Crimson Tide. While many believe that the 2009 title was somewhat of a miracle run for the Tide and 2010 was more of a realistic outcome, I strongly believe the opposite. As long as Nick Saban is the head coach at Alabama, you’re going to have a tough time scoring on them. I think Alabama will have some tough games along the way, but it’s certainly a strong possibility to see them in Atlanta in December, and later down the road in New Orleans on January 9th.

SEC East:  South Carolina

The Gamecocks will rely heavily on some consistent play from their QB Stephen Garcia. This is, of course, if Garcia can stay out of the bars long enough to make it to the stadium. Garcia’s well-publicized partying career has probably cost his team a few games in the past, as well as some NFL Draft stock down the road. I’m leaning towards Garcia getting his head on straight by the time Fall Camp rolls around, and should be ready to make his final run through the SEC and eventually meet the Crimson Tide in Atlanta.

SEC Champ:  Alabama

Want more?  Don’t worry, we’ve got more predictions coming up tomorrow.


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